Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SAMCRO attacked from within? Is Greg The Peg behind the home invasions?

At the beginning of the first episode of the new season of Sons Of Anarchy we learn that Charming is being plagued with a series of home invasions.

Roosevelt later explains that all victims are associated with SAMCRO. At that point it is believed that the home invasions are probably a form of retaliation by the Niners.

During church, 3 new members are accepted into the mother chapter. One of them is the Nomad Greg 'The Peg', who, as his nickname already suggests, has a prosthetic leg.

At the end of the episode, we witness a third home invasion. This time Unser is the victim and we catch a glimpse of one of the attackers:

What is going on? Why is Greg 'The Peg' involved? Are all three new members (three former Nomads joined SAMCRO) involved or just Greg? Is it a coincidence that at the exact same time that three former nomads (one of them with a prosthetic limb) join SAMCRO, three men (one of them with a prosthetic limb) start attacking the people close to SAMCRO?